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Our Comprehensive Used Tire Inventory Software helps you easily manage your used and new Tire Inventory. It doesn't matter if you stock 50 tires or 50,000, because the Used Tire Shop application is designed to work with any size tire shop, car dealer or auto parts recycler.
A Sample of our Tire Inventory Features
  • Easily Add and Edit Tire Inventory
  • Quicky Find any type of tire in seconds
  • Always know what tires you have in stock
  • Organize tires by Location, Rack and Shelf
  • Understand the best tire sizes to stock
  • Know the exact value of your entire inventory
  • Learn the optimal price to sell your tires
  • Identify matching tires to build pairs & sets
  • Create and print labels for your tires
  • Save detailed tire information: Brand, Model, Location, Tread Depth, Price and more
  • Use Advanced Search to find any tire based on a range of search filters
Want your tire inventory public? We have the tools! Get your tires online quickly and easily. In under a minute you'll have a tire saved in inventory, complete with images, and immediately available to display anywhere online. Take advantage of our custom listing tools that enable you to list and sell on high-traffic websites like Ebay, Craigslist and others with a few clicks of the mouse.
Easily Display your Tire Inventory
Wherever you want Online
  • Your Website
  • Ebay Motors
  • Craigslist and other Classifieds Sites
  • Your Online Used Tire Shop
  • Our National Used Tire Database
Your Tire Inventory can also be kept private and only visible by your business. You decide.

Used Tire Shop
Works From Any Web Browser
No Software to Install or Manage!

Used Tire Shop also includes a full featured customer invoicing module directly integrated with your inventory. Easily create and print Customer Sales Invoices, Estimates and Work Orders. Manage customer and vehicle information, invoicing history and more. Quickly select tire inventory and add directly to an invoice. Print an invoice and your inventory is automatically updated and marked as sold. Our detailed product catalog allows you to include any range of products or service items such as mounting and balancing, alignments and brakes.
24/7 Selling
With Used Tire Shop you you have the option to display your inventory online and visible to potential buyers 24/7/365. Customers will be able to search the actual inventory you make available by tire size or vehicle information even when you are closed. This feature alone can easily increase your sales by over 25%. Let us show you how.

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Tire Label Print Tools

Identifying your tires is an essential part of inventory control and that's why we developed our Tire Label Print Utility. It's designed to accurately print detailed tire labels in a professional format. No need to write tire sizes by crayon because our labels provide all the information you need in a fraction of the time. Simply enter your tire into inventory and print a label.
Multiple Tire Label Formats Available: Tire Details - Damaged Tire - Customer Hold
Learn more about our tire label tools.

Wholesaler Used Tire Inventory Management Tools (beta)

Adding to our line of comprehensive tire inventory management tools, Used Tire Shop has introduced a tire inventory module designed specifically to service the needs of Used Tire Wholesalers, Exporters and Tire Disposal Companies. Our Wholesaler tools allow tire businesses at a wholesale distribution level to effectively manage large volumes of used tire inventory from the point of collection to resale distribution and delivery.

Wholesaler-Exporter Module Essentials

  • Manage Any Size Wholesale Used Tire Inventory
  • Track Individual Tire Assets Through Your Entire Workflow
  • Reduce Inventory Shrinkage
  • Monitor Pickup Route Collection Efficiency
  • Manage the Tire Grading Process
  • Know the Value of your Entire Inventory in Real-Time
  • Supports Regional - Global Used Tire Wholesalers and Exporters
  • Easily Convert Tires from Wholesale to Retail
  • 5 Level Tire Grading system
  • Manage bulk tires by Grade, Rim or Tire Size
  • Assign Inventory to Storage Locations
  • Inbound / Outbound Tracking
  • Tire Grade and Asset Labeling
  • Barcode Support
  • Comprehensive Inventory Reporting Tools
  • Tire Collection and Disposal Management
  • Track Committed and Available Inventory Levels
Contact us today to learn more about our Wholesaler Inventory Tools and how to participate in our beta.

Our eBay Tire Lister

If you want to maximize your selling opportunities Sell Tires on eBay with our Tire Lister tool. Our application is directly integrated with eBay allowing you to easily post tires along with images in 1/10th of the time it’s takes to manually list a tire on eBay.

Increase Your Tire Sales

eBay is a highly effective sales channel for used tire shops. Selling on eBay allows you expand sales beyond your local area and sell tires online in an established and trusted marketplace. Using eBay is a great way to build an ecommerce presence for any type of tire shop.

We can help you get started.

If you are not currently selling on eBay, we can help get you started. Our team members are experts at selling on eBay and can guide you through the best practices to maximize your selling opportunities.

Features of our eBay Selling Tools

  • Integrated with eBay and your Tire Inventory
  • Easily Submit, Revise and Cancel Ads
  • Track Sales and Verify Payments
  • Receive eBay Notifications – Item Sold, Unsold
  • Submit Shipping Notices and Include Feedback
  • Create Custom Selling Templates
  • Manage Shipping, Return and Payment Policies
  • Include Condition Comments

Tire Lister Benefits

If you already sell on eBay you will quickly realize the benefits of our Tire listing tools.
  • Save Time and Money
  • Reduce Data Entry
  • Adhere to eBay Listing and Image Rules
  • Optimized Listing Formats

Tire Shop Software

Used Tire Shop is a complete solution for any size tire shop. From our comprehensive used tire inventory system, to customer invoicing and online visibility, we offer the right balance of tools and features you need to help operate a successful tire shop. Our tire store software is simple to use and with affordable subscriptions to select from, we have a package designed to fit the needs of your shop.

Used Tire Shop is designed by tire industry professionals who understand the challenges of operating a successful tire shop. Because our software was developed to address the specific requirements of tire shops, you won’t find any functionality or features unrelated to your business.

With our continued success at delivering high quality software and services we are constantly improving the Used Tire Shop application to meet the ongoing demands of our customers. Contact us today and find out how Used Tire Shop can be the solution for your tire business.

Simple - Powerful - Affordable

Retail and Wholesale Used Tire Inventory Control

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