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Tire Inventory Management

Simple to Advanced Tire Inventory System Designed For Used and New Tires
Our Tire Inventory Software helps you easily manage your used and new Tire Inventory. Whether you only need simple tire inventory control for small inventories of 50 tires, or require a comprehensive tire management solution for larger tire inventories of 50,000+ tires, the Used Tire Shop application is designed to support any size tire shop, car dealer or auto parts recycler that needs to better manage their tire inventory.
What we deliver:
  • Flexible, Easy to Use, Tire Inventory System
  • Basic to Advanced Inventory Workflows
  • High Performance Search Results
  • Customizable Tire Search Tools
  • Tire Labeling & Identification Option
  • Integrated Tire Vehicle Fitment Tools
  • Tire Location & Rack Management
  • Integrated Invoicing and Selling
  • Performance Reporting Tools
  • 100,000+ Brands, Models & Tire Specifications
What you can do:
  • Control Used and New Tire Inventory
    from any computer or mobile device.
  • Quickly find any type of tire in seconds
    (Regardless of Inventory Size)
  • Immediately answer customer inquiries
  • Organize Tires by Location, Rack and Shelf
  • Understand the best tire sizes to stock
  • Know the exact value of your inventory
  • Identify matching tires to build pairs & sets
  • Generate Reports on Tire Sales, Inventory Status
We Deliver the Most Complete and Flexible
New-Used Tire Software Available!
Tire Inventory Software

Capturing Tire Details

The foundation of inventory control is capturing important details. Better and more detailed information improves inventory control and decision making at every level.
We provide a flexible way to capture critical details with simple to advanced workflows. All designed to help maximize the value of your inventory and increase profits.

Effective Search Tools

Searching tire inventory and answering customer inquiries is a frequent task. Inventory Search tools need to be fast, provide options and deliver results.
We deliver a performance based tire inventory search tool that offers a range of filters and options helping to quickly answer your customer and improve sales.

Labeling & Identification

It’s important to properly identify your inventory. Labeling can help provide clearer, more detailed information and prevent common inventory mistakes.
Our tire labeling feature helps you to easily identify inventory and important tire details. This improves your inventory control, lowers costs and provides a more professional appearance.

Storage Management

Knowing where to store and quickly locate your tire inventory in racks and other configurations can be a challenge as your inventory grows.
Our inventory location management tools helps employees to store and locate tires fast. This helps to improve your shop's efficiency and reduce labor costs.

Sales - Sales - Sales

Selling is your main objective and having the ability to effectively sell and update your tire Inventory is essential to your business.
We provide a complete invoicing solution that’s directly integrated with your tire inventory. From a simple quick sale feature to comprehensive customer focused Point of Sale functionality. All designed to improve selling and add to your bottom line.

Advanced Features

There’s a lot more to tire inventory control that just cataloging a tire.
We understand this and provide a range of important features designed to analyze, build and increase the value of your inventory and improve overall sales.
Proven to Grow Your Tire Business
Run Your Tire or Auto Repair Shop!
When your business requires more than tire inventory management
Our Tire Shop Software also provides a wide range of essential features designed to support the critical daily operations of your Tire Shop or Automotive Repair Business.
  • Sales and Shop Performance Tools
  • Customer Appointment Scheduler
  • Daily Sales Drawer
  • Reporting Suite with 100+ reports
  • Customer Communication Tools
  • Product Package Builder
  • Vendor Management and Reporting
  • Full Featured Point of Sale
  • Customer Statements
  • Invoices, Estimate and Work Orders
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Service Packages
  • Customer and Vehicle Details
  • Multiple Employee Access

Tire Shop Invoicing + POS

Basic to Full Featured Auto Repair Invoicing and Point of Sale
Used Tire Shop includes a full featured customer invoicing and Tire Shop Point of Sale (POS) module directly integrated with your tire and product inventory. Easily create and print Customer Sales Invoices, Estimates and Work Orders. Manage customer and vehicle information, invoicing history and more. Quickly select or scan tire inventory directly to an invoice. Print an invoice and your inventory is automatically updated and marked as sold. Our detailed product catalog allows you to include any range of products or service items such as mounting and balancing, alignments and brakes.
Manage and Sell Any Type of Automotive Product or Service
  • Easily Invoice and Sell Tire Inventory, Products & Services
  • Create Invoices, Work Orders and Estimates
  • Save Detailed Customer and Vehicle Information
  • Track Customer Purchase History
  • Include Labor Items and Services
  • Sell Brake Jobs, Alignments and Oil Change Packages
  • Quick Sale Feature
  • Configure Sales Tax, Labor Rates and Shop Fees
  • Personalized Invoice with your Logo and Shop Information
  • Define and Display Return and Warranty Policies
  • Create Billing Statements - Receive Payments on Account
  • Email Customer Invoices and Billing Statements
  • Build Product Packages and Special Discounts

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Gain Visibility
Easily Display your Tire Inventory Online
Your Tire Inventory can also be kept private and only visible by your business. You decide.
If you want your tire inventory public, we have the tools! Get your tires online quickly and easily. In under a minute you'll have a tire saved in inventory, complete with images, and immediately available to display anywhere online. Take advantage of our custom listing tools that enable you to list and sell on high-traffic websites like Ebay, Craigslist and others with a few clicks of the mouse.
24/7 Advertising
With Used Tire Shop you have the option to display your inventory online and visible to potential buyers 24/7/365. Customers will be able to search the actual inventory you make available by tire size or vehicle information even when you are closed. This feature alone can easily increase your sales by over 25%. Let us show you how.
Tire Labeling Tools
Because its Essential to Identify Your Tire and Product inventory!
Learn how how our tire labeling system can improve your tire business. 9 different label formats available to support your Tire and Automotive Inventory.
Tire Labeling System
Identifying your tires is an essential part of inventory control and that's why we developed our Tire Label Print Utility. It's designed to accurately print detailed tire labels in a professional format. No need to write tire sizes by crayon because our labels provide all the information you need in a fraction of the time. Simply enter your tire into inventory and print a label. Easily customize by selecting the information you would like to appear on your inventory labels.
Wheel Inventory Management
Find any wheel in seconds!
Increase your aftermarket and OEM wheel and used rim sales through our wheel inventory management tools. Designed specifically for wheels, you can easily catalog your wheel with information that includes rim size, offset, bolt pattern, finish and more. Quickly search for any wheel with our advanced wheel search and filter tools.
Use our wheel fitment tools to locate the correct wheel size every time.

New Tire Catalog

Our Tire Software also helps you create and manage a new tire catalog. Build from your existing inventory or select and add from popular brands, models and sizes. Always know the tires you have in stock and what's available for order from your tire suppliers. Our tire search tools will ensure that your sales people present the customer with every tire option available and always quote the correct price.
Specialized Features
Sometimes you need to think outside the box
We're always developing unique features to help your business build revenue, increase customer retention and offer expanded services. Here are just a few.
Why Tire Shops
Choose Us!
From important features to performance and proven results, Take a look at some of the reasons why shop owners choose us for their tire and auto repair business.

Tire Shop Software Designed to Grow with Your Business

Tire Shop Software
Because we understand one size does not fit all.
Used Tire Shop Software offers a range of packages and features designed to fit the needs of any tire business. Starting at $33 per month, our tire shop software is feature packed and affordable. No setup fees, no contract and no complicated pricing. Because our application is cloud based, there's no installation allowing you be up and selling in minutes. When your business grows it's easy to upgrade right from your shop. Just pick a version with the features your tire business needs.

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